Take my quiz and find out!


1-    Are you ready to create a healthy lifestyle?

2-    Can you commit to maintaining a food and exercise diary?

3-    Is it possible for you to set goals and stick to them?

4-    Are you able to plan meals for you and your family?

5-    Are you prepared to monitor your serving sizes and eat the correct amounts?

6-    Can you cut back or at least decrease your fatty and unhealthy foods?

7-    Are you prepared to put yourself first?

8-    Are you willing to increase your activity and exercise levels?

9-    Are you ready to eat a balanced and healthy diet?

10-     Are you willing to make losing weight a priority?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions that means your are on the right track! You have the right mindset to start and succeed at weight loss!  🙂


If you are doing everything right, but not getting results, the solution could lie in one simple mindset change.


Let me help you in that!!


A-   How to win the mind game:


Before you begin a healthier life, there is one crucial question to be asked: why do you want to lose weight?? For you or for others??

Doing it for others is great, but it is so important that this desire to lose weight is primarily for you, and only you! You need to feel good for yourself and not for anyone else!

To increase your desire to lose weight, I advice you to draw up a list of pros and cons, so a list for staying as you are and another one for becoming healthy.

I personally love this method, and when I used struggle with weight problems, I did it as well! You will see that you are likely to discover you have more to gain by losing weight, and start a healthier lifestyle.

B-   Self esteem equals success:

       Self care is the key in succeeding with weight loss for the long term.

You have to put yourself first. Actually you are not being selfish, you are being selfless.

By puttying yourself first, you become the best you can be today.

Cuddle you mind and body by doing things that boost self esteem and well being, like reading a book that you like, running a bath or having a massage.

Don’t forget that you are a smart and loving person!

C-  understand the change cycle:

 One of the essential things you need to know is that weight loss won’t happen overnight.

Changes take time, effort and perseverance. You need to be aware of that.

When it comes to health improvements in life, you need to experience 6 stages of change:

–         Pre-contemplation: In this stage, many people deny that they have a problem, like not believing that they are overweight.

–         Contemplation: people realize that they need to start a change, and here comes the pros and cons list.

–         Preparation: people start to do small changes like exercising more.

–         Action: They make a definitive change like joining a weight loss program, and joining a gym.

–         Maintenance; people control their meals, constantly go to the gym and constantly visit a dietitian.

–         Relapse: there is always a full or partial return to unhealthy behaviors, but this can be solved by practical family and friends support.

Don’t  try to do so many changes at one time, you need to change gradually. Quick changes lead to boredom, and quick relapse.

D-  Assess your environment:


Planning for successful weight loss includes changing the environment. This includes cleaning your freezer, fridge and cupboard from unhealthy snacks, don’t forget you don’t have to see these triggers. It is better to get rid of these treats and replace them by healthy alternatives, such as crackers, baby carrots, strawberries, fruit yoghurt, fruit salad, skim milk…

Preparing for weight loss also means setting goals for your new healthy life: sticking to a well balanced diet, exercising for half an hour daily, and setting a relaxation time that doesn’t revolve around food.

Goals need to be realistic; someone who weighs 100 kg can’t say I need to be  85 in 1 month. And remember the best way to lose weight without gaining it back is by losing it slowly but surely.

1 to 2 kg per week is considered healthy.



You should have the will to change and you simply have to be mentally ready…


It is worth it! 😀

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