What can determine whether I lose, maintain or gain weight??

Calories, it’s all about calories!

Calories = energy

you can get it from food.

If you don’t burn that energy daily, your body will store the energy in the form of muscles and fat.

But wait a second, I am lost! Muscles or fat??

Well, it depends on what you eat and how much you expend.

To gain weight: Eat more than you expend

To lose weight: Eat less than you expend

To maintain weight: expend as much as you eat.

How many calories do I need per day??

You have to find out your total daily energy expenditure: TDEE

TDEE includes:

1-    Energy needed to maintain the body basic functions, like breathing, heart beats, nervous system: BMR ( basil metabolic rate)

2-    The energy your body needs to perform daily physical activity like walking, exercising, aerobics.

3-    Energy needed to digest your meals.

Let’s start:


1st step: BMR

Men should use this formula:

66 +(13.7 *weight in kg) +( 5 *height in cm) – (6.8 * age in years)

Women should use this formula:

655 + (9.6*weight in kg) +1.8*height in cm)- (4.7*age in years)

Example of me:

655 + ( 9.6* 53kg) + ( 1.8 * 162 cm) – ( 4.7 * 26)

655 + 508.8 + 291.6 – 122

My BMR: 1333.2 calories


Step 2: physical activity multiplier

BMR * activity level multiplier

Pick your activity level from below then multiplies it by your BMR

Sedentary:  desk job, no exercise: 1.2

Light active:  light exercise or sports once a week: 1.37

Moderately active:  sports 3 to 5 times a week: 1.55

Extremely active:  excessive exercise, sometimes twice a day: 1.72

Back to my example:

I am moderately active, so my factor is 1.55


1333.2 * 1.55= 2066 calories.


Step 3: energy need for digestion


Calories up to now + 10 %


Back to me:

2066 + (2066 *0.1) = 2273 calories

So my TDEE is 1780 calories (BMR + physical activity + meals digestion)

Now how many calories should I consume to reach my goals??


To maintain my current weight:

Consume the same amount as your TDEE

To lose weight:

Consume 500 to 1000 calories less than your TDEE

(0.5 to 1 kg wt loss/ week)

To gain weight:

Consume 500 calories more than your TDEE

(0.5 to 1 kg wt gain/ week)

Check yours!!  😉


You can also check your BMI to see in which range you fall (underweight, normal weight or overweight).

Accordingly you can determine your desirable body weight.

Example of me:

BMI: 53 kg / (1.62* 1.62) m2 =

 53/ 2.62  =  20.23 kg/m2

So, my BMI is between 18.5 and 25, so I have a normal weight.

If  I want a BMI of 22 (kg/m2):

22 * (1.62*1.62)=

57.5 kg


SO first calculate your BMI.

If you are overweight (you would like to lose weight),  or if you are underweight ( you would like to gain weight), calculate your TDEE, to see what is your total daily calories intake.

Then you decrease or increase you TDEE  according to your case.






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