–         Cinnamon:

Lowers blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL ( bad cholesterol). It is a common ingredient in toothpastes, tooth washes  and gums.

Add cinnamon to your milk and to your cakes. It is delicious as well!

–         Paprika:

Has an antioxidant effect, and lowers  the risk of cancer.

Add it to your steaks and popcorn!


–         Ginger:

Best food item to treat nausea caused by travel sickness, hangover.

It relieves pain and helps in treating flatulence (bloating).

Lemon and Ginger drink help you in sleeping better and work as a relaxation remedy.

Recipe for lemon and Ginger drink:

Servings: 5


  2 whole lemons

  1 handful Ginger, peeled and sliced

  3 tablespoons of brown sugar           

  2 liters of boiled water


 Place lemons, Ginger and sugar in a heatproof  jug

 Pour over the boiled water and wait until it cools to room temperature
Refrigerate until cold

To serve:

Put plenty of ice and few mint leaves in each glass then serve

–         Garlic:

Destroys cancer! 1 to  2 cloves weekly provide cancer- protective benefits

Add it to your salads dressings, to your cooked meats, chicken and fish!

–         Cumin:

Good source of iron, manganese. It helps  in digestion and decreases bloating.

Add it to your steamed rice!


–         Chili powder:

Basic in Indian cuisine. It destroys body toxins, acts as a pain killer in muscle spasms. Also, it relieves throat infections.

Add it to your steaks, rice or even salads.



Now only do spices add flavor to your food. They also are very good to your health.

Spices stimulate digestion and increase your metabolism!  

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