We all want the whitest teeth ever!

Many everyday foods and drinks can really change the color of your teeth.

Superfoods for super teeth:

Crunchy vegetables have a high mechanical cleansing action:  Munch on carrot, celery, cucumber sticks. Eat more peppers, radishes and cress.

Chewing a gum helps to clean teeth by removing debris. Chose a gum that contains Sorbitol. Sorbitol has a therapeutic antibacterial action.

Cheeses! YES cheeses neutralize the acid, and they are great sources of calcium and phosphorus. That means, srtong and white teeth 🙂

Fluorine: This is a trace element found in mineral water.  Drink more water to get more fluorine!

Cigarettes and coffee are the white teeth ennemies!

Caffeine means smoking

Decrease cigarettes consumption by decreasing caffeine consumption.

-Other drinks to blame for dingy teeth include colas, gravies, dark juices, and red tea.

Any dark drink will stain your teeth. So brush your teeth immediately after having these drinks!

For immediate teeth- cleaning system, eat an apple!

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