White tea is one of the best tea plants.

Today, everyone from chefs to medical researchers is praising white tea’s delicate flavor and health benefits.

It is now the hottest new trend!


White tea is a pleasant aid if you are trying to lose weight.



White tea prevents the cells in the body from storing fat:

I don’t want to introduce medical terms, so I will explain this in a simple way. 

White tea stops the development of fat cells. The body stores fat in the fat cells, so when white tea inhibits the development of fat cells, fat is no longer stored!  

White tea burns calories:

It contains caffeine which increases metabolism (the energy stored in the body). So the body burns more calories.  

White tea is a negative- calorie drink:

It contains zero calories. So drink it instead of unhealthy sodas and juices high in sugar.  

White tea contains the least caffeine among all the teas:

Although caffeine increases metabolism, a high dose of it causes anxiety, headaches and trembling. White tea contains the right amount of caffeine, enough to be efficient and give good results. 

White tea is a natural appetite suppressant:

It relaxes and makes you forget your cravings!  

White tea has the highest antioxidants of all the teas:

These antioxidants have a big role in preventing cancer cells from developing.  

White tea tastes good:

It has a flowery smell, and a delicate taste. It tastes sweet so no need to add extra sugar to it.   



Decrease drinking white tea at night. It still contains caffeine even if in small amounts. This will cause difficulty in sleeping.

– Drink tea between your meals. If you have it with your meals or directly after your meals, it will interfere with the absorption of vitamins found in that specific meal.

Pregnant women should be cautious about white tea consumption. They can have only 1 to 2 cups per day.  

While everybody is drinking green tea because of its high health benefits, white tea has the same properties but 4 times stronger!


So start to drink white tea before anyone is doing it!! 

 PS:  I got it from Dean and Deluca (Kuwait) 

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