Endorphine is a hormone located in the human brain and is known as the hormone of happiness.

It links different neurons known as nerves which in turn affect our mood.


– HONEY, is a perfect treat for happiness. When your mood goes down and you feel depressed, the best thing to do is to have one tablespoon of honey. It will boost up your mood again!

Studies have shown that the fructose specifically found in honey is the most beneficial component that contributes to a calm and relaxed temper.

– EXERCISE is directly linked to high endorphine secretion, which relieves anxiety and mental tensions.

There is no need to exercise hard, 15 minutes a day are good enough!

– HAVE FUN AMD LAUGH! ┬áScientists believe that enjoying a laugh or a joke for 10 minutes equals 10 minutes of exercise, in terms of its impact on people’s mental health.

So be happy!! ­čÖé

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