Physical Activity Calories Burnt
(in 1/2 hr)
wakeboarding 170
Basketball 258
Badminton 125
Bowling 108
Brisk walking 150
Cycling 150
Dancing 130
Driving a car 50
Fishing 114
Gardening 150-200
Golf 108
Hockey 249
Horse riding 255
House work 75-125
Ice skating 315
Jogging 300-450
Judo 363
Kissing (Lips locking) 6.4 cal per minute
Taking the stairs 25
Washing the dishes 50
Mountain climbing 270
Cooking from scratch 50
Roller skating 315
Running 325
Sitting at the desk 25
Skiing 252
Squash 325
Shopping 120
Driving 60
Swimming 250
Tennis 261
Volley ball 93
Watching TV 50
Talking on the phone while walking 60-75
Talking on the phone while sitting 40
Reading a book 80
Chewing a gum 6


The amount of calories burned during physical activity is governed by a number of factors that include, weight of the person, the physical fitness level, metabolism, type of exercise, time of exercising, and the intensiveness of the exercise.
These figures are based on a moderate intensity level.
A heavier person burns more calories with the same amount of physical activity, since the body requires more efforts to move the heavy body while exercising.
Exercising harder and faster increases the calories expended because moving faster requires more effort and more effort always requires more energy.
But to burn fat it is better to exercise over a longer time of light exercise.
Carbs provide a faster energy source. So whenever you need to exercise, carbs are the better fuel. Fats are favored during long, low-intensity activities.
So doing cardio for only 15 minutes makes no sense. In the first 25 minutes, your body uses energy from glycogen ( the reserve of carbs). Burning fat starts after 25 minutes of exercise.
Exercising in the morning before having your breakfast will make you burn fat directly without burning the glycogen before.
Burning both fat calories and carb calories can result in fat loss.
Even small amounts of exercise are great for your health. Just moving a little every day can improve metabolic functions.
 If you have not been active before, then doing 30 minutes of low-intensity activity can still  help you lose weight.
Always remember to warm up slowly and to cool down gradually.
Care should be taken by everyone when performing any new exercise, especially if the exercise is intense or performed for a long duration.
The intensity level for all exercises should be built up gradually over time until the body becomes use to it.
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