I was in Beirut a few days ago and of course wanted to try new restaurants.

One of the good restaurants I tried was the new Asian one that has opened in Gemayze.

Its name is OISHI

The place is so classy, very romantic and the service is excellent.

We didn’t know what to order, because the names were kind of weird, but personnally, I went to my standard Japanese choices, and the waitress helped me a little bit 😀

So here are the food items I had ALONE! loll 


The calories are approximate as I estimated them according to the food exchange list.


1 salmon tartar salad (100 cal)

1 order of naked salmon (3 pieces) (60cal)

1 order of salmon sashimi (3 pieces) (60cal)

1 order tuna sashimi (3 pieces) (60cal)

1 order Alaskan king crab chumai with vegetable hargao (2 pieces but I took 1 piece) (50cal)

And sure a lot of ginger because I love it!!

I took the light soya sauce, which is in fact low in sodium, not to retain water after eating.

This dinner makes almost 330 calories.

I donnow why the chef decided to offer us at the end a dessert, so he got us a delicious one!!

It was the chocolate maki!!


It is a maki stuffed with chocolate, topped with vanilla ice cream and rolled with cornflakes with  chocolate sauce on the side!! Yumyyyyyy!!

I said I am gonna take one piece, but couldn’t resist! So I took two!! 🙂

(Almost 100 cal, because they are small ones)

So the total calories now is 430 calories.

Here are the whole pictures!!

 Try it!! 😉
Bon appetit!!







salmon tartar salad
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