This is a random lunch I had at home with the family 🙂

I am on vacation and my mom knows well what I like, so she prepared it especially for me 😀

– Courgette, green beans and potato salad with lemon & olive oil dressing:

5 tablespoons, 70 calories


-Arabic green beans cooked in tomato & olive oil + 1\4 loaf arabic bread:

4 tablespoons, 130 calories


– Okra stew (my favorite dish):

4 tablespoons but without rice, 50 calories

1 whole grilled fish fillet with garlic and kouzbara: 150 calories


The total lunch makes 400 calories. It is so rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and iron,  plus all these legumes  are considered as antioxidants!! 

courgette, green beans & potato salad

Green beans in olive oil

Okra stew in olive oil







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