Now this place has become my favorite japanese restaurant in Beirut!

The food is sooo tasty there. I usually go to the verdun branch, good atmosphere and very cosy place…

And this is what I had:

– Salmon salad: one plate: 120 calories

– Salmon sashimi: 2 pieces: 40 calories

– Open california maki: 2 pieces: 80 calories

–  Crispy california maki: 1 piece: 50 calories

– Jari Jari: 2 pieces: 100 calories

– One plate of ginger: 30 calories

– One glass of white wine: almost 80 calories

My dinner makes 500 calories in total (almost & maximum) It is full of omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids, important for normal brain and heart functions, full of iodine, important for normal thyroid functions… Yummyyy 😀



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