Water retention!! This is something very common!

I have been working with a lot of obese people. Some of them are really obese and others are less.

And I have seen people losing up to 4 kg in just a week, and it is all from water!

So water can actually makes up a lot of your excess body weight.

Usually I do test or let’s call it a body analysis. This test indicates the water, fat and muscle mass of the person and its relative percentages.

So If the body water mass or percentage is very high compared to the normal range, that means a fast weight loss will be  seen during the first week of the diet.

People who don’t lose a lot during the first week usually don’t suffer from water retention.

Fat needs time to be lost,  that’s why in the coming  weeks we cannot lose as much weight as we do during the first week.

That’s the whole point!


How to get rid of this extra water weight??

1- Drink enough water:

If you are not drinking enough water, your body will hold on more water than it actually needs.

2 glasses of water before each meal are a must, especially before breakfast when you wake up.

2- Decrease sodium intake:

Salt has no calories but it retains water in the body. Don’t you feel thirsty and bloated after a sushi dinner for example?? SEE, this is due to the high sodium content in seafood and in the soya sauce. Always ask for the low sodium soya sauce.

Don’t add extra salt to your meals!


3- Decrease processed and fried carbohydrates:

Fried carbohydrates contain more sodium than other foods. Choosing brown bread, baked potato, steamed rice & pasta and whole grains  will help a lot!

Both processed carbohydrates and sodium are molecules that attract water. So when you have them in your blood stream, water will stick around them.

4- Oragnising your meals:

 Eating 3 healthy meals also help in flushing the water out of your body, with emphasizing on vegetables and fruits that are low in sodium and very high in water.

Don’t forget that water retention is a good cause for cellulite development, so you don’t need this extra water neither cellulite! 😉

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