It’s simply the Ayran low-fat yogurt, from Kd Cow!

As I mentionned before I’m not drinking milk anymore, and has switched to the Activia yogurt!

But, I tried Ayran yogurt a week back and now can’t stop it! 😀

I ‘m having 2  per day, one in the morning and one at night before sleeping! 

It salty taste is really addictive. Plus yogurt helps me a lot to feel sleepy!

 The Low- Fat one has 27 cal, 1.7 g of protein, 1 g of fat and 60 mg of calcium per 100 ml.

One bottle is 250 ml and contains 67 cal!

People with high blood pressure: Watch because Ayran sodium content is high and can be dangerous for you!

And girls!!

Before getting your menstrual period, try to avoid foods or drinks containg salt, it can aggravate your water retention, your pain and your mood swings!

PS: The red lid means low-fat

        The blue lid means full-fat



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