I got a phone call 3 months ago from the HR department in the National Bank of Kuwait, NBK, telling me that they want me to be the responsable of some competition they are planning for.

Then when I went to vivit them, I knew that it was a diet competition for their employees. They so called it ” The biggest looser”.

The competition started on January 27th, 2011, as a first visit for the participants (15 persons, divided between guys and girls from different nationalities).

The competition will end on April 28th, so it was a total of 3 months.

The first visit consisted of checking the general blood test results, checking theit blood pressure, and measuring their body composition (fat, muscles, water, metabolism).

According to all the above tests, specific diets are given to each individual.

3 other visits were done since February, and now I will mention the progress seen for the first Top 4 participants, after asking their approval of course.

Just to note that I am taking into consideration the fat percentage rather than the weight itself, to be fair with all of them and to encourage physical exercises besides the diet 🙂

Diet progress for the TOP 4 NBK participants


They are very excited and happy about the new eating habits and the weigth loss!

They can’t wait for the last results 🙂

The first winner will have 1000 KD, offered from NBK.

So who do you think will be the winner???

Will be updating the results and some pictures! So Let’s see! 😀

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