Why do a lot of people think that this kind of  juice makes us loose body fat??

I want through this post  to clarify the point of all  juices, especially the KDD Pineapple juice!

Juices in general are loaded with sugar and eventually loaded with CALORIES!!

One glass of juice is considered as 2 exchanges of fruits, and so have a minimum of 120 calories!


A lot of my clients ask me: Even the pineapple juice??

Unfortunately YES!!

Pineapples have a powerful enzyme called Bromelain, which makes our body burn more fat!

Bromelain has been linked to weight loss, however, a properly functioning digestive system contributes more to overall health as well as weight loss and weight maintenance.
 Pineapple juices DO NOT contain enough quantities of bromelain SO DO NOT DEPEND ON THAT!

 Plus pineapple juice is ZERO Fiber!  That means it raises blood sugar so fastly and thus is not recommended for diabetic people.

Instead consuming pineapple slices  rich in fiber, give us more satiety will less calories!

KDD Pineapple pack has: 135 calories and 20 grams of sugar!

Imagine this is equivalent to 6 pineapple slices! Which I definitely prefere 😉


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