Equia slogan: “For a balanced life”

I tried the Soya kaak from Equia. So I thought of talking about it here!

Soy has many health benefits!

 It is efficient for our bones health, so it prevents loss of calcium from the bones.

Studies have shown that soy has an estrogen-like effect control, that’s why it relieves menopausal flashes and menstrual pains.  

Soy reduces cholesterol and prevents plaque buildups in the arteries, so it is a cure for heart diseases.

Soy is efficient to prevent many types of cancer, especially breast cancer!

Soy is high in proteins and so is recommended for bodybuilders and for those who are on a high protein diet!

Personally I loved the taste of those kaak, it has these grounded anise which I love! It just adds a better flavor and aroma! 🙂

It is cholesterol- free, trans- fat free, salt- free and with no sugar added!

Every piece of soya kaak has 40 calories, so fulfilling and so tasty!

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