It’s been a long time that I didn’t write down what I usually eat during the whole day!

I have picked a random day! Yesterday!

As every morning, I start my day with 2 glasses of water, something  I always tell my clients to do! 🙂

Breakfast: 10h am

– One cup of soya milk ( I am intolerant to the cow’s milk): 100 cal

Intolerance test:

And please read well the difference between milk intolerance and lactose intolerance

– 1 Brown  baguette with light turkey (3 slices) with some mustard and cucumber:

 230 cal

At 12h pm:

 – One red apple! (love it!!) : 60 cal

Lunch at 2h pm:

2 glasses of water of course!!

– I ordered from a light catering: One medium plate of moujaddara with a piece of bread, and a cabbage salad ( I missed moujaddara!! lolll) : 350 cal

Moujaddara is rich in protein and iron! And iron absorption increases when consuming it with vitamin C like cabbage and lemon sauce

At 4h pm:

– Chamomile hot drink, with free- cal sweeteners

 At 6h pm:

Gym time! 30 minutes of elliptical + 1 hour of Fight- Do class! (amazing class!!!)

Dinner at 8.30h pm:

Had dinner outside! 1 medium size grilled salmon with tartar sauce,and steamed vegetables ( cauliflower and broccoli) + 1 glass of red wine: 450 cal

So my whole intake was 1190 calories! 😀

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