Almost all girls know about this word but maybe not all of them know what does it mean exactly!

PMS refers to the term Premenstrual Syndrome which is somehow a warning of an approaching period because of some physical or psychological changes (sometimes both) in the days before the period begins.

Symptoms vary from one girl to another! Symptoms can be very severe and unbearable! 🙂

The main psychological changes that affect most of the girls are:  

  • Mood swings (most common!!!) 
  • Losing your temper easily.
  • Loss of confidence.
  • Crying for no particular reason.
  • Poor concentration.
  • Tiredness
  • Physical changes are also tiring!! The main ones are:

  • Breast tenderness.
  • Abdominal swelling or bloating.
  • Weight gain.
  • Headaches  or migraine
  • Just to note that during the PMS period, girls can gain from 1 to 4 kg depending on the actual weight. Weight loss can’t occur during all the menstrual period! So Girls relax! Weight gain can be only due to some water retention!

    During the PMS cycle, your metabolism increases and that makes you crave more food, especially sweets and chocolate!

    What causes all these sudden changes!!!

    The causes are still unclear! But that must be linked to the fluctuating levels of female hormones experienced after ovulation which cause the main physical changes.

    Psychological changes can possibly be caused by low level of a certain chemical in their brain called serotonin, which causes irritability and mood swings.


    When you feel tired and suffer from cramps and bloating, it can make the entire week feel unbearable!!! But Luckily, you can prevent some of those symptoms by continuing a healthy diet, exercising often and avoiding certain foods 😀

    1- Avoid sodium and salty food! According to the Mayo Clinic, Excess salt in the body can cause an effect similar to dehydration, causing your body to retain more water. But salt do not refer only to chips and fries! Some food can be high in hidden source of sodium like canned food, salad dressings, pasta sauces or even soft drinks! Read the label before consuming your food!

    2- Drink a lot of water!! Water flushes out all salt and toxicity from your body! It can make you lose the extra water! When you aren’t properly hydrated, your body retains more water, which can make bloating even worse!

    3- Increase your consumption of natural diuretic food! Fruits and vegetables have high water content and that help flushing out excess water from your system. So increase your consumption of  strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, pineapple and asparagus and beat your bloat!

    4- Increase consumption of Vitamin B6 rich food! Vitamin B6 regulates hormones levels which decrease your worst PMS symptoms like bloating and mood swings! Dairy products, nuts and bananas are very rich in Vitamin B6! So try having a breakfast of a banana and yogurt with a snack of walnuts throughout the day and beat your bloat!

    5- Move your body!  Exercise helps release endorphins in the brain to help you feel better while experiencing PMS! If you feel uncomfortable and don’t feel like hitting the gym, yo can have a walk next to your house, go shopping so you can walk at least for 30 minutes! Just ensure that you maintain physical activity even when you don’t feel at your best! 🙂

    6- Increase your fiber intake! Bloating and water retention also cause constipation! Increase your fiber intake from multi- cereal breads, whole fruits and not juices! Increase your salad and vegetables intake!

    Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for the painful cramps that may occur immediately before or during the menstrual period.

    To know how to prevent your menstrual cramps, read this article!

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