A completely natural approach to manage your hunger and weight problems!!

These are the new Sankom fiber supplements that I’ve recently got into the clinic!!

These chews are just dietary fiber chews with super active action!!


How Sankom supplements work???

1-Take sankom chew with a glass of water (250 ml) upon your first feeling of hunger between your meals!

Let’s say at 11 am

2-The dietary fibers in those chews will absorb the water and thus increase the volume in your stomach! The increased volume will press receptors of the stomach wall! We are now at 11.20 am

3-The bariatric receptors send a signal to the brain which will temporarily decrease food craving and appetite. And thar’s enough to reduce munches! We are now at 11.40 am

4- The dietary fibers leave the stomach after 2 hours of ingesting the chews without any side effects! And that’s how you achieve a reduction in your total daily calories naturally!

We are now at 1 pm!! Time for lunch!!! 😀


Take 1 chew with 250 ml of water when you first feel hunger between your meals! You can take 3 to 4 chews per day!!

That’s not all!!!

These chews are super rich in fiber and so are a great solution for people who suffer from constipation!!

They are available in 4 flavors: Strawberry, cherry, green tea & grapefruit mix and peach!

They are condensed with vitamin C, A, E and Magnesium!!

Only 15 calories per chew!!

As a dietitian I definitely advice everyone to take these tasty chews, and that’s why I got them into the clinic!!!

Because weight reduction can be achieved in an absolutely natural way without skipping any of the 3 essential meals!!

You can take them as a snack between your meals or after your dinner to decrease your munchies at night while watching  TV for example! 🙂

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