I’ve been going to chez Paul since ages!! But never tried the salads! I find it more into breakfasts, sandwiches as I love its bread!! ­čśÇ

I was in kuwait a couple of days ago, and my friend insisted┬áthat I┬átry the “Fermiere salad”!! And to tell you the truth I ate it twice on 2┬áconsecutive days!

Actually it is a regular normal salad but has all the benefits someone can imagine!

Ingredients: Mixed green leaves, fresh green apples sliced, raw walnuts and raisins, emental cheese, carrots, marinated grilled chicken, topped with the delicious mustard vinaigrette salad.

This salad is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is excellent for people with high triglycerides levels. It is also rich in vitamin D, which is great for people with vitamin D deficiency. It is super rich in fiber, and so fights chronic constipation problems!

The total calorie of this salad without the bread stick: 350 calories!!

I also had 3 pieces of┬ábrown multi cereal┬ábread without the olive sauce! Instead I ordered the┬ádijon mustard ­čÖé This add┬á 220 cal to the total calories!

The total lunch: 570 calories!!



In Lebanon, this salad is only available at Chez Paul, Gemayze branch!┬á You need to try it!! ­čśë



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