Frozen lemonade with mint!!! That’s my  favorite iced drink!

Whenever I’m out I always order it!

 It is so refreshing in summer, especially when you feel this lemony flavor on your taste- buds!!

This combination of lemon and mint is very important for your health; it gives you a full energy, slightly increases your metabolism and is so rich in vitamin C and antioxidants!

 In addition to its good taste, mint is used to settle stomach and smooth the digestive tract. Studies have shown that mint contains anti-cancer properties due to phytonutrients present in it.

Lemon is a powerful cure for fluid retention! It helps the body to release excess fluids and decreases cellulite.

However you need to avoid this drink if you suffer from heartburn, stomach ulcer or reflux!

Actually whenever I order lemonade with mint, I ask the waiter to make it with sweetener instead of white sugar, So that I can enjoy a zero- calorie drink!

And I tell my clients to have it as well with sweetener whenever they feel like, as a free item instead of taking juices that are full of sugar and which add extra calories to their diet.

If you are at Lina’s just ask for the light lemonade with mint, they have it ready!!


Frozen lemonade with mint is a smart option to have on the beach as well, when it is really hot!


Make your own at home, so you can drink it whenever you want, guilt-free!


Serves: 3 glasses

 1- Squeeze 4 yellow lemons

2- Add 5 leaves of mint to it

3- Add 3 sachets of sweetener to it

4- Add ice cubes to it

5- Put the whole mixture in the blender and bended!


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