The weather is getting really hot!! What’s better than refreshing yourself during this hot wind of summer!

For me summer means ice creams, sorbets and frozen drinks! I love that!!

 I was looking for some diet ice creams and got these 2 Iceberg Brands!

The first one was a Chocolate vanilla ice cream, called “Les Delices”.

It is sugar-free, and low in fat, with only 63 calories per 2 scoops! Perfect for the afternoon snack!!

It contains milk (the fat-free version), and can work really good for people who love the mix taste of vanilla chocolate!


The second Diet ice cream is The Tropicana Lolly’s iced sticks!

It has 0% sugar and 0% fat, can be found in strawberry and lemon flavors! Very refreshing ice creams!!

This kind of ice cream is made of: water, sorbitol, citric acid, aspartame and the flavor (strawberry or lemon).

Talking about how healthy is that, no doubt that those sticks have colorants and artificial sweeteners, but personally I find it suitable for people who like the sweet and cold treats! But do not exceed 4 sticks per week!

One stick has only 15 calories!!

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