I had an urgent trip a a few days. Everything happened so fast that I  barely ate during the day before my flight! I got into the plane and felt really hungry. I couldn’t’ wait honestly to get my dinner, and started to look into the menu to see what can I choose. They told me that there is a light menu but have to request it online with my ticket, something I didn’t know before.

Here was the menu:

– Saumon fume as a salad

– Grilled kafta with sautes vegetables or fish sayadieh

– Butter and Cheese

– Oriental dessert

– Fruits


I thought of taking the fish sayadieh and told myself to remove some of the rice as it will be oily for sure! While if I take the kafta, I will definitely end up eating the vegetables which are cooked in margarine, that’s beside the fat present in the meat!

I started with the saumon fume salad. It had baby corn and cherry tomatoes: 55 calories




Then I moved to the Gooda cheese: A very tiny piece of yellow cheese, and ordered with it one glass of white wine 🙂 130 calories




Then comes the main dish, Fish sayadieh: I tried to keep it till the end, to remove some of the rice. So in fact, I took all the fish pieces but not all the rice: 230 calories





The whole dinner makes 415 calories! I did not take any fruits nor sweets.

Next time I will definitely try the light menu and write about it!

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