I’ve been using the spray cooking oil since ages! And I was surprised that a lot of people don’t know it yet and still don’t use it while cooking or frying.


 Personally I use the Mazola cooking spray oil. It is made from liquid canola oil, lecithin from soybeans, methyl silicone (for better pan coverage) and propellants.  Lecithin is a thick substance refined from soybeans and is heat-resistant.

Mazola cooking spray oil is gluten- free! Plus this spray is cholesterol-free, fat-free and can be used by everyone at all ages! 

 The spary doesn’r stick at all and can be used in a variety of ways !!

The most basic way is to spray any cookware such as baking pans and casseroles with it. They are also helpful in preventing food from sticking to utensils such as spatulas, spoons or cups.

To prevent cooking spray buildup, the cookware should be cleaned after each use with hot water.

Mazola No-Stick is also ideal for microwave cooking. Just spray on microwave container before adding food to make clean-up easier 🙂

The good thing about it is that all its ingredients  are U.S. FDA approved for food use and can be safely sprayed directly on food.

I use it to fry potatoes (they still taste soo good!), escalopes or any dish that needs a lot of oil, especially when frying!

Now that Ramadan is starting, Why don’t use the cooking spray oil for a healthy and cholesterol-free dishes?!

You need to promote light cooking techniques for all the members of your family!! 😉


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