This is a dinner I had after my usual 60 minutes of intensive Tae Bo! Usually my dinner is always similar to my breakfast, but my mom was preparing one of my favorite vegetarian dishes, Burghol with vegetables and tomato sauce!! yummy!!

 Burghol or bulgur is high in fiber and protein, but low in fat and calories!

Even when it’s cooked, it remains high in protein and minerals. That means it’s an ideal meal allowing you to skip higher-fat protein sources, like most meats 🙂

People with bloating or IBS problems, should refrain from eating it!

To control my portions (as I love burghol), I put the quantity I want to have in a tupperware.

It is mixed with carrots and peppers to add more flavor to it!!

Calories: 160 calories, counted as 2 exchanges of carbohydrates



I also had a green salad with some zero fat white cheese, topped with zaatar! My favorite as well!!

White cheese is lower than yellow cheese in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories!

Calories: 60 calories


At the end I had one red apple: 60 calories

My total dinner makes 280 calories


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