Everytime I mention that I’m a dietitian, everyone start to put their hands on their belly, asking me what to do to lose weight??!

Losing weight and fat around the belly is no doubt the hardest thing, especially with our lifestyle, based on going out at night, drinking almost every other day and so on!


Watching your food quality during the whole day, the timing of your food and choosing the right exercises that help are the 3 crucial things for a flat belly!

I’ve already mentioned in an older post what are in general the best food that burn belly fat and slim your waistline!



In this article, I will focus more on what should we do at night to get a flat belly in the morning, because what we eat and drink at night have a direct impact on our belly!

First, we need to have an early dinner, that means at 9 pm, and not later than that! If we are invited for dinner, you need to watch out for the quality and quantity of food you are eating during the day then choose healthy options for dinner!

Water is very important!! Don’t neglect that issue! People can lose weight only by drinking  2 Litres of water a day. Before eating you need to drink 2 glasses of room temperature water!! It flushes all the toxins out of your body, and eases in the digestion process.

Find an exercise program that you enjoy, a fat burning one! Personally I do the Tae Bo exercise, I love it! It burns a lot of fat and calories, tones all the body muscles, especially the stomach ones!! You can also run and do stomach crunches.
Your workout can be 1 hour before dinner!
Reduce your juice intake!! No need for those extra calories and sugar we take in from juices! Plus juices have zero gram of fiber and don’t give you any feeling of satiety! Soft drinks are loaded in gases, which increase bloating and ruin your flat belly shape! Alcohol consumption should be decreased, It can be hard for some people, but at least try to reduce your consumption during the weekdays, and limit it to 5 glasses during the weekend! (Avoid fatty food before drinking, the best thing to have is a lean kind of protein with a salad, and no carbohydrates which accumulate around your waist, decrease the buzz feeling making you drink more!
At night, the best dinner to have can be either a multicereal bread, baguette or toasts with low-fat cheese, turkey, crab or labne, with a bit of olive oil or olives, or a salad with lean protein such as tuna salad, grilled chicken salad, cheese salad and so on, by using a light version of dressing like balsamic, light mayo, honey mustard, lemon olive oil and yogurt dressing.
Vegetables can be eaten as much as you want, but avoid the kinds that cause bloating, like cabbage, broccoli, peppers and raw carrots.
After dinner you can have only one fruit or a low- fat yogurt that stimulates your digestive system and helps in the digestion process.
Hot drinks such as chamomile, ginger and anise can help in lot in burning your belly fat.




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