Usually I don’t go out for breakfast in weekends, as these are the only days when I can sleep deeply!! But it happens sometimes :)

My breakfast this time was at Zaatar w Zeit.


Here are my choices:

Labne. They don’t have the low-fat one: But full-fat labneh or yogurt don’t differ a lot in calories when comparing it with the low-fat versions.

I had 2 tablespoons: 60 calories



They always serve a plate of cucumbers, tomatoes and olives: I don’t count the vegetables, but I took around 10 black olives: 50 calories

Olives are a good source of unsaturated fat. They decrease blood  cholesterol levels and I love it!! :D




Then I ordered a plate of grilled halloumi cheese: Halloumi cheese is a medium- fat cheese. I asked the waiter to wash it very well to remove all the salt from it, and to grill it very well as well! 4 slices: 150 calories




At the end, I took 1 Tablespoon of omelette, to taste it coz I don’t like eggs that much: 40 calories



I had one piece of hot bread! Irresistible!! 80 cal

And ordered extra vegetables.

A total of 380 calories delicious breakfast :)

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