How to burn maximum fat during cardio?

The weight loss and the super fat loss training technique is called interval training!!

This  is when your heart rate is brought  up and then back down, giving you a higher calorie usage, and thus maximum fat loss!

The Interval work is mostly used because it allows the trainee to perform well at a higher intensity during less running time.

Example of how to do it: First start by a warm up at a low speed, then start to run by increasing the speed. After that, decrease again the speed and increase the incline button. After that, press the decline button then run back at higher speed… and so on for 45 minutes.

How often does this exercise recommended??

Usually doing the interval cardio workout 3 times a week is quite enough.

Watch that!!

Lose Weight Fast on A Treadmill!

Treadmill Interval Training

Cardio interval workout is excellent to lose your love handles!!

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