Canned tuna in water or canned tuna in oil?? Which one do you you think is healthier??

Maybe you’re gonna say “Tuna in oil” since it is packed with all the good fats, v/s tuna in water which might lack some important omega-3 fatty acids!

Let’s start by saying that tuna in general is a great and cheap meal to eat twice a week to stay safe from aging problems and chronic diseases!

It is very rich in protein, with no carbohydrates and a lot of minerals like selenium, magnesium and potassium, the B vitamins niacin, B1 and B6,  and most important, the beneficial Omega-3 essential fatty acids!

It also increases our immune function, elevates LDL cholesterol, alters blood lipids. Moreover, fish oil naturally contains high levels of the two essential vitamins, A and D.

Canning tuna is not that bad as well!! It is an effective way of  preservation.

If the food’s overall quality is high, it is best in all forms, whether it was canned, frozen, or fresh.


When you drain the oil from an oil-packed tuna, some of its Omega-3 fatty acids also go down the drain!! But since oil and water don’t mix, water-packed tuna won’t lose any of its Omega-3s :)

So I always advice you to take the canned tuna in water as it is healthier,  less in total fat but super rich in omega-3 fatty acids!

Per 1 cup of serving:

Light tuna in oil: 289 calories and 108 calories from fat.

Light tuna in water: 179 calories and 11.5 calories from fat.

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