As I’ve noticed there is a lot of debate regarding that topic! I’ve heard a lot of people saying to their friends that they shouldn’t be eating their fruits directly after meals!

But guys!!  where did y0u get that info from! :S

From a health perspective eating fruits after meals is great for your inside body! Especially for diabetic people or people with high blood cholesterol level!

Why?? Due to their high fiber content, eating fruits directly after lunch or dinner has the ability to decrease fat absorption and regulate insulin levels!

As a dietitian I personally advice my clients to eat their fruit between lunch and dinner,  just to slightly increase their metabolism and prevent any hunger feeling later on.

But I advice a diabetic person to eat an apple for example directly after lunch coz it helps him a lot in controlling his blood sugar level!!

In brief!! It all depends on the medical case of the person!

People with heartburn or ulcer should also be aware about that point!  They should get a  space time between their meals and eat every 2 to 3 hours small and simple meals! :D

Apple, orange, strawberry, peach and kiwi are the best fruits to consume after  lunch or dinner as they are fully rich in fiber and considered low- glycemic food, so they aid in the digestion process  and prevent constipation problems!

According to Timothy S. Harlan M.D. of Ask Dr. Gourmet, eating fruit at any time, including after a meal is a wise choice. If you are trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy weight, the time at which you consume this low-calorie food doesn’t matter.
So DO NOT believe everything you hear! Ask an expert!
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