Studies have shown that by learning to eat slowly, you can reduce the calorie intake up to 60 percent per meal.  Theoretically, this small decrease in calorie intake can add up to a weight loss of nearly 1/2 kg  a week!

In fact this is applicable when we have so much food in front of us and we’re lost about what to start with! And this can happen to all of us when we are hungry!

Satiety signals need time to develop. Not only we take in fewer calories when we eat more slowly, we also have a greater  feeling of satiety at meal completion, 60 minutes later.

That’s why it is always advisable to start with a glass of water when we are hungry then relax and start eating slowly, tasting the food very well with every bite as digestion starts with specific enzymes in saliva.

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to come up with ways to eat less. Obviously you don’t have to make your total calorie intake too low as it will end up slowing down your metabolism! The trick is to eat slowly to avoid overeating!

Another smart way to eat less is to spread your daily calorie intake over five or six small meals rather than eating two or three large meals.  It feels like you are eating more, but you will actually be eating less and taking in fewer calories than it seems :)

Eating too fast can also causes constipation and bloating problems! Eat slowly and chew well your food to avoid annoying gases and flatulence!


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