A few days ago, I had a client who was telling me about the Moringa tea, which I found very interesting to know about!

Actually, it is the kind of tea that makes you feel great coz it’s just so special!

USDA Certified Organic moringa tea is not a tea at all! All teas are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. Moringa tea is actually a tisane and unlike tea, contains no caffeine, which means it can be enjoyed by the whole family at all age! 🙂

This special tea was discussed during the “Dr Oz Show”, and Dr. Oz recommends moringa because, in addition to being the most nutrient-dense plant yet discovered, it is an excellent source of bio-available iron. Iron is critical for the role it plays in oxygenating the blood and combating fatigue.

More and More…

Pure moringa leaf tea contains 47 active antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, 30% vegetable protein and 8 essential amino acids.

Compared to Oranges, Moring tea  contains 7x the Vitamin C found in oranges, 4x the Vitamin A of carrots, 4x the calcium of milk, 3x potassium of bananas and essential minerals such as zinc and iron.

In 1994, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study, focusing that drinking Moringa tea reduced the risk of esophageal Cancer  in Chinese men and women  by almost 60 %. The University of Perdue researchers recently concluded that a special compound in Moringa tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

So!! In Addition of boosting metablism and increasing stamina, Moringa tea  should be present in every house for all the unique benefits discussed earlier!

In Kuwait, you can find the Moring Tea in LuLu Hypermarket! Try it out!



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