I’ve been asked to write about dried fruits as some people I know substitute chocolate and cakes for that!

It can be a option to consider, but when it comes to health, nutrition and weight loss it is a topic of debate!

Here we go!

There are many kinds of dried  fruits! They all provide many health benefits, are cholesterol-free and  sodium free!

But dried fruits and fresh fruits are not the same when talking about nutrients.

Drying means removing the water from the fruit, so it kind of loses many vitamins and minerals, especially the vitamin C!
However dried fruits are still super rich in fiber, and are usually given for people who suffer from constipation..
The elimination of water and the concentration of the fruit cause dried fruits to contain more calories than fresh fruit, That’s why you should look into the food label and to practise  portion control, if you want to lose weight.
Extra sugar can also be added and that what adds  more calories, which is something you don’t find in fresh fruits! Always look for dried fruits that are without added!
“A typical 1/2-cup serving of dried fruit constitutes a serving of whole fruit according to dietary guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture”.
Dried blueberries has 600 calories, whereas one cup of fresh blueberry is only 84 calories. A raw, medium apple contains 72 calories and 3.3 g of fiber while 25 slices of dried apple contain 110 calories and 3 g of fiber. Twenty-two banana chips contain 147 calories and 2.2 g of fiber, while one medium fresh banana is 105 calories and 3.1 g of fiber”
That’s not all!!
Dried fruits can be a good option of fruits for people suffering from anemia due to their iron content.


Prunes, which are dried plums, provide 1.9 mg of iron per half a cup.. Raisins, which are dried grapes, deliver 2.55 mg of iron per half cup serving. Dried figs and dried apricots also contain iron.
However dried fruits should not be taken in excess by diabetic people due to their high sugar content which is directly absorebed into the bloodstream.  Diabetes does not mean zero sugar intake but stay away from refined or added sugar food.
We can say that dried fruits are no doubt some of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar, and they are an excellent way to satisfy a sweet craving. Eating dried fruits is a fast way to get some vitamins during a busy day! :)
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