Maybe a lot of you don’t know what’s the difference between body fat loss and body weight loss!

Here’s the concept!

When you want to lose weight, the procedure occurs due to water and muscle loss which is the Lean Body Weight, or due to the fat mass, or even from both!

  • Weight Loss. You want to lower your body-weight, the sum weight of your bones, muscles, organs, body fat, …
  • Fat Loss. You want to lower your body fat, the amount of fat your body carries.

mmmm Confusing???

You might be  just worried about decreasing your body weight, but when losing weight quickly and in an unhealthy way, just know that you are losing Lean Body weight and NOT the FAT!!


In order to do so, you need to eat a proper diet, including the good fat like avocados, olive oil, seeds, fish, lean proteins, beans, lentils, and fiber rich foods, PLUS you need to build muscles and increase your metabolism.


Building muscles actually increases your weight, but helps to burn fat.  As a result, weight loss can happen slowly but don’t worry you are losing fat and that’s what matters!

You might not notice any change in your body weight, but a big difference in your measurements.. Just know that you are losing BODY FAT!!

Eating a heavy dinner, eating a late dinner, lack of exercise are the major causes for body fat gain!


To lose you body fat, you should follow a proper and healthy diet rather than starving ourselves, you should split your total calories intake throughout the day, you should have an EARLY DINNER, ( around 8 to 9 pm, as your metabolism shuts down at night), and let the time  difference between your dinner and next day breakfast be not less than 10 hours!

Cardio exercises, like interval exercises are also essential for fat loss!!

You can do cardio to speed up fat loss. But without strength training, cardio will cause muscle loss and you’ll end up skinny-fat ( means you have skinny legs & arms and a skinny frame. But you’ve got some fat, usually belly fat caused by unhealthy food choices, low calorie diets, and excess cardio). Avoid!!!

Everyone seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays without taking into consideration the difference between weight loss & fat loss!

Fat loss is what matters most!

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