Make these tiny changes to your cooking routine and you will add up flavor and variety to your food while cutting out sugar, salt and cholesterol!

1- Spice it up!

Pick 2 to 3  herbs you like. Fresh herbs and spices infuse your cooking with more flavor than salty, fatty sauces or dressings.


2- Bake, don’t fry!

Anything that can be fried can be baked as well, without as much oil.

Try baked fries, baked sweet potatoes, brocolli, zucchinis or you can try roasted vegetables as side dishes instead of the sautees ..

Grilled cheeses like halloumi cheese works so good!


3- Skip the salt!

Put citrus sauces, balsamic vinegar or vegetables broths to work in place of salt. you will help manage your blood pressure too.

4- Add some little oil!

Use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. First start by cooking your meal with little oil, then add some olive oil at the end, to reduce the formation of Trans fatty acids (major cause of cholesterol)

Any oil that is heated becomes hydrogenated, and is so called Trans fatty acids!

Never use Olive oil when frying! It is only used for raw food…

5- Go whole grains!

In addition to standarts grains like whole wheat bread, try nutrient-dense grains like barely and oats for a change and an extra dose of chromium, magnesium, B vitamins and Folic Acid.


  • Regulates hunger
  • Reduces cravings
  • Helps control fat and cholesterol level in the blood
  • Important for normal heart function

6- Color your plate!

The more colorful your fruits and vegetables, the more cholesterol-regulating phytonutrients and antioxidants they contain.

7- Add fennel to your salads and stews if they contain veggies that cause gas formation, to decrease this gassy effect on you.

8-  Cook with non-fat cheeses or mix non-fat with low-fat cheeses. (Sometimes non-fat cheeses don’t melt very well, if you mix them with low-fat cheeses, the texture is better when melted.

Be Smart While Cooking… For A Longer and Healthier Life!

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