When talking about cheeses, we don’t usually take into consideration the color of the cheese and we don’t  try to differentiate between yellow and white ones!

But if you are addicted to cheese like I am, I guess you need to start thinking a bit more about calories, fat, cholesterol and portions! :D


There are plenty of kinds of cheese that differ in texture, taste and colors!

Yellow cheeses have in general more fat, cholesterol and calories than white cheeses! But it all depends as well on the kind of the white cheese we are considering.

Let’s go deeper!

Common high-fat yellow cheeses: Cheddar, kashkawan, Emmental, Swiss cheese, Amercican cheese and Gouda.

Common Low-fat yellow cheeses: Parmesan

Common high- fat white cheeses: Kraft, brie, cambozola, roqueford and halloumi

Common low-fat white cheeses: Feta, Mozzarella, Boursin, Double-Creme, Ekkawi, cottage, Goat cheese

Eating cheese can be much more easier right now, right? And always  substitute non- fat or low-fat cheeses in your recipes!! They can save you many fat grams and extra non needed calories, yet they can be richer in Calcium!

HIGH- FAT cheeses SHOULD NOT BE EATEN by people who suffer from cholesterol!!

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