Type 2 diabetes is far the most common form of diseases, especially in Kuwait, where I live.. So 80 % of my clients are diabetics and they just neglect this.. We know that obesity is the number one cause, also genes play an important role in that.

It can sneak up on you without causing symptoms that get your attention. It’s called “the silent killer” for a reason.  So it’s quite likely that people are living their lives without knowing that they have diabetes, and that’s a risk that can lead to serious health problems such as nerve damage, vision problems, kidney disease, heart attack and stroke.

1- Frequent Urination: As the body loses its ability to use the glucose in the bloodstream, the kidneys respond by trying to remove the extra glucose through urination.. So  waking up at night to urinate, especially multiple times, is quite common for those who are developing type 2 diabetes.

2-Excessive thirst: The kidneys are working hard to get rid of the unused glucose from the bloodstream, so higher levels of fluid are flushed from the body. In response, a person is quite likely to feel thirsty much more often than usual.

3-Weight Loss: Although obesity is one of the causes of diabetes, the inability of their body to absorb glucose makes it use protein from muscle tissue for fuel, which results in a sudden and unplanned weight loss..

4- Feeling Hungry: The body’s  inability to absorb the glucose it normally uses for fuel, can trigger excessive hunger in response. As blood sugar levels change, feelings of hunger may be the result, while you’re still eating the same portions you were eating.

5-Fungal Infections: Diabetes can also suppress the immune system making the body much more vulnerable to infections. The most common infections are yeast infections and other types of fungal infections, mainly around the lips..

6- Blurred vision: Abnormally high blood glucose levels can cause changes in the eyes, altering the shape of the lens which then results in blurred vision.. But this can return to normal  after blood sugar levels are returned to normal levels.

7-Fatigue: Being subject to high blood sugar levels over an extended period of time may cause a constant state of fatigue, which also may be accompanied by irritability. So once blood sugar levels are back to normal, the person then realizes how bas it was.

So Be Carful, don’t neglect those signs..

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