That’s my favorite snack. And all my friends know me as a popcorn addict! :)

What’s better than eating a box of popcorn while watching a movie??

Compared to other snack food, popcorn is low in calories, healthy and nutritious.

It doesn’t contain any preservatives unlike most of the other food nowadays.


Airpopped popcorn provides 30 calories per cup

Oil- popped popcorn  provides  55 calories per cup

Butter- popped popcorn provides  90 to 120 calories per cup

Popcorn is an extremely healthy snack unless you combine it with butter or caramel!

I personally get the fat-free microwavable one, it has 200 calories for the full bag.. I sometimes recommend it as a dinner, specially for people who like to munch on something at night while watching tv..

So skip chips and eat popcorn!

It can be a good option for kids who don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables, so it’s a healthy alternative due to its high fiber content..


But, popcorn is high in sodium (salt), which causes water retention, and because it is high in fiber, you may feel a bit bloated after eating it.


It’s also  an ideal snack to have between your meals 😉


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