I love Fruits! I eat at least a different kind everyday! And hey! You need to consider that too 😉

1- Hydration:

Whether it was soft or crunchy, fruits consist mostly of water, keeping us hydrated. When being well hydrated, chances of cramps and migraines will be minimal 🙂

2- A Healthy Body:

All kinds of fruits have the ability to cure serious problems, promote a healthy immune system due to their high Vitamins content.. Vary your fruits intake to benefit from all the different vitamins.

3-High in Fiber:

Fruits are very high in fiber, so are a healthy part of a balanced diet. Food high in fiber help us avoid certain illnesses such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.. Fruits can also prevent constipation and bloating 🙂

4- Brain Food:

When it comes to brain food, fruits keep us healthy by promoting a better memory…

Eat More Fruits! 😉





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