Trick yourself into Eating healthier and less!!!  

1- Drink water before your meals:

That’s my number one advice!! I always tell my clients to have 2 glasses of water before every meal and especially in the morning before breakfast! Drinking water makes us lose the body water retention, increases our metabolism and makes us eat less if we drink it before meals!

2- Eat 5 small portions a day: When we eat small simple and healthy meals frequently, that means every 2 to 3 hours, we burn more calories, we feel satisfied and we eat less on the next meal!! ;)

3- Brush your teeth right after  you finish eating: That’s also a useful trick!! Use the menthe toothpaste flavor! Menthe has the property to cut your appetite and gives you the  feeling of freshness and satiety! Try it!

4- Choose small plates: When eating in a small plate, you end up eating less!! It’s like ordering a kid’s meal!

Use those tricks!! You won’t notice you’re hungry!! but you will notice your belly is shrinking!! :D

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