I ‘m one of the Japanese food lovers! Light, fresh and tasty!


Do you know that Japanese people have less fat and look younger compared to others.

What’s behind this??

Home food lovers:

People in Japan are home food lovers. They have their grilled fish, miso soup, steamed rice, fresh veggies, seafood and fruits as desserts. The daily doses of omega-3 fatty acid are already consumed.. So no wonder why they live longer!

They consume food fresh on season:

They choose food according to their season as the food turns out to be in its best quality by its environment. Supermarkets in Japan are full of freshness and up-to-date food. And that helps in obtaining optimal levels of wellness and health, free of preservatives, which means less diseases.

They eat a small portion of everything:

Rather than having a big meal or big portions, Japanese people go for varieties of food but in small portions, having a bit of everything in their meals. They eat their bites very slowly which makes them easily digest their food, preventing bloating and having a flat belly.

The food is lightly cooked:

Japanese are very health conscious when it comes to the food. They stay away from excessive oil, heavy cooking or anything unhealthy. They always choose fresh food (as said before), lightly cooked like pan grilling, steaming and boiling. They believe that too much cooking destroys a good amount of food value. I totally agree!

Steamed rice in their meals:

Although a lot of you think that eating rice contributes to obesity, I have to correct this info! It’s not the rice that makes you gain weight, it is rather the way you cook it.. Adding oil, butter or margarine will eventually turn this food into a saturated unhealthy one! Steamed rice is wheat- free and can be easily digested.  The way you cook your food plays an important role on your health and calories intake.

Breakfast is their king’s meal:

Breakfast is the major and the biggest meal of the day in Japan! It consists of many items such as steamed rice, omelette, fish, miso soup with tofu.. Not to forget the daily green tea! People who have a larger meal at breakfast and smaller dinner tend to be thinner than others.

They exercise daily:

Japanese people tend to be active with their daily workout routine. Bicycle riding, walking, hiking are the major exercises that keep them healthy, done outised in the nature.. So their lifestyle is naturally active which prevents having medical problems, osteoporosis or arthritis.

So here was a small example towards healthy eating, healthy living, reducing fat and looking younger! And.. you can do the same! 😉

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