As I always say, food quality and quantity are both important to lower our body fat percentage.

This is an easy chart for you to know that you can still eat some of your favorite food, but with less fat and calories.

It can also be very useful after your holidays.

Instead of:


1-    Whole milk:

Use: Low-fat or Skim milk

2-    Heavy cream:

Use: 1 cup skim milk + 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, blended  


3-    Cheddar & Swiss cheeses:

Use: Reduced fat versions, yellow cheeses that say 25% reduced fat, or concentrate on white cheese.

4-    Cream cheese:

Use: Light cream cheese, cottage cheese, fat-free spreadable cheeses, labneh

5-    mayonnaise:

Use: plain low-fat yogurt or fat-free mayonnaise then you can add lemon juice for better flavor.

6-    Bacon:

Use: Light turkey breast

7-    1 whole egg:

Use: 2 white eggs

8-    Nuts:

Use: reduce the amount by half.. Go for the raw almonds and walnuts.

9-    Canned cream soups:

Use: Home made broth vegetable soup

10-                       Ice creams:

Use: frozen yogurt or Sorbets

11-                       Chocolate cakes/ croissants chocolate/doughnuts:

Use: Chocolate custard or pudding/ jello                   

12-                       A bag of chips:

Use:  Popped home made popcorn/ Fat free microwavable popcorn

13-                       Juices:

Use: fresh fruits or fruit salads as they are high in fiber while juices contain no fiber.

14-  Full -fat hot chocolate:

Use: The fat-free powder hot chocolate (cadbury: 40 calories per 3 tablespoons)

Hope those options can help you while making your food choices.

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