Although marketed as “healthy” or at least “not dangerous”, those food are terrible for your weight and health. The choices below are made with ingredients that do nothing for the body, other than simply adding fat.

  1. JuicesFruit juice is nothing more than sugar water and because there’s nothing else for the body to absorb, the sugar goes straight to the bloodstream, leading to a rise in glucose level which triggers more hunger. Real fruits are healthier because of the fiber and it’s more advisable to have it specially for people with high triglycerides levels and diabetics.
  2. Fried food: French fries, onions rings, chicken nuggets, escalope’s, hotdogs etc… All those fall into this category. Because you are ingesting a lot of unhealthy fat, you increase the chances of suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure, as Trans fat blocks your arteries on the long run. As an alternative, use the spray oil that says zero fat, zero cholesterol or go for the grilled options.
  3. Creamy salad dressings: Companies love adding sugar to creamy salad dressings. They also load them with unhealthy fat. This means creamy dressings typically end up having more calories than the entire salad itself. To switch, start asking for oil-based dressings and vinaigrettes, those usually don’t have added sugar and are made with healthier fats.
  4. White Bread: White bread is basically devoid of any nutrients at all. During processing, the beneficial components of the wheat have been removed and the remaining flour has been bleached by a chemical process. This means when you eat it, you’re simply filling up on empty carbs, mainly sugar. Instead, turn to whole grain breads and NOT multigrain. Multigrain simply means they are using different types of grains, NOT that they’re healthier.
  5. Frozen Food: To keep them fresh for longer, companies that make those frozen food load them up with artificial preservatives that are harmful for health, and are extremely rich in Sodium. Sodium is known for causing water retention that leads to bloating. Frozen food are processed before freezing, which results in the loss of certain vitamins like B and C.

I know a lot of you think that frozen food are convenient, easy to store and easily available, but you must balance it out with an intake of fresh food as well.

Everyone deserves occasional indulgence, but think twice before, to avoid damaging effects on your body, skin, and waistline.

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