As I told you before, I will be updating the results of the competition as soon as it ends!

And yes, Thursday April 28Th was the last day!

Congratulations to all the participants for their efforts of course, but a special congratulation to the winner who showed great efforts and control over his food cravings.

This competition changed their lifestyle big time! They are now aware about calories, fat and food portions.

Exercise has taken a big part in their life. Besides affecting their weight, physical activity increased their energy levels and their libido…

Number 1: Lost 18 kg body weight and 14.5 kg body fat.

Number 2: Lost 13 kg body weight and 10 kg body fat

Number 3: Lost 11 kg body weight and 7 kg body fat


And as I said before I am considering the body fat and not the body weight to be fair and to encourage physical activity.

So after a period of 3 months, who is the winner????

Check this table! It includes the results of the 3 first places…

biggest loser winners

Pictures will be taken soon and also uploaded to have a live figure about the big change 😉

Mabrouk again!! 🙂

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