This subject might be a bit sad for us, but we should talk about it to create awareness among our friends and lovers!

We need to know what to eat and how to live in a healthy way, so to prevent bad situations.

(That was the subject I discussed on NTV a few days back. I will upload it as soon as it is released)

Just to tell  you that every human being has already cancer cells but in the sleepy stage. And it is how we live, what we eat that we can increase the alert of these cells to active ones. Genes and heredity factors also play a role!

First of all and to start with, we need to stay away of any source of saturated fat and fried foods, and to choose a variety of natural foods. 

– Broccoli:One of the best vegetables! It contains high levels of vit C, that increases our immune system. Plus it is rich in Isoflavones which are antioxidants that protect against breast cancer, and ovary cancer!

Broccoli also contains high levels of chromium. It regulates blood insulin levels.

Broccoli is heat resistant, that means it doesn’t lose any of these benefits even if exposed to high temperatures 🙂

Sweet potatoes:As we said before, these are not potatoes! They decrease blood sugar levels, unlike potatoes. Plus sweet potatoes are known to fight colon cancer, coz they are rich in fiber which also fights constipation problems:)

– Red Vinegar & Red wine:The darker the red color, the better! They contain high levels of Resveratrol, an antioxidant known to prevent all kinds of cancer, especially leukemia!

– Artichoke:Important for liver diseases and kidneys inflammation. Also known to prevent breast cancer and leukemia!

Pomegranate: Great to beat Prostate cancer, and men infertility problems!

All kinds of tea:Teas contain catechins, which are very important to prevent  all kinds of cancer!

Soy products:Studies have shown that all food containing soya, were best for women and they showed zero chance for breast cancer, when compared to women who did not take any.

Beetroot:It contains Betacyanin, which is great against colon cancer, and because it has high fiber content.

Tomato and tomato sauce:In my opinion, tomato is  the second best kind of vegetables, right after broccoli.

It contains Vit C, Vit A, and potassium which is able to decrease high blood pressure. Tomato is excellent for urinary infections, and can fight against liver cancer!

The famous antioxidant in tomato is called ” Lycopene”! And this lycopene is responsible for tomatoes red color!

Tomatoes should be the number one food for guys! Lycopene is also famous to prevent prostate cancer and to treat infertility problems!

The more processed is the tomato, the more lycopene it contains and the more benefits we get!

So men! Eat tomato in the processed way like tomato sauce, ketchup, tomato puree rather than in the  raw form! 🙂

And finally people! Don’t forget to exercise!

Eating healthy with regular exercise can slash a cancer victim’s risk of dying, according to scientists.

They found that walking briskly for half an hour and eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day halved the chances of dying from the disease, even if a woman was obese.


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