150 calories seem nothing for some of you! While it means a lot for others! And more specifically for people who only need 1000 calories to lose weight!

Every person has specific energy requirements and a unique metabolism.

The calories I am taking in might not be suitable for you! That’s why diets and healthy habits vary from one to another!

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So now let’s ask this question! What make 150 calories???

There are a lot of food items that make 150 calories! But we need to see the source of these 150 calories!

Do they come from fat, from sugar, from protein or from carbs!?

Let’s take a few examples:

– 75 grams of mixed nuts: total calories: 150 cal, calories from fat: 90.

This is because nuts are purely a fat source, and has no carbs or sugar at all!

– 2 medium apples: Total calories: 150 cal, but the calories from fat are zero, all the calories come from the fructose (fruit sugar). Plus they are full of fiber!

– One glass of any juice (240 ml): Total calories: 150 cal, cal from fat: 0, but has zero fiber! All the calories come from fructose and the added sugar!

– 1 medium multi-cereal baguette: Total calories: 150 cal, cal from fat: 0.01 g, and has a lot of fiber! Most from the calories come from the complex carbohydrates!

– 30 olives: Total calories: 150 cal, cal from fat: 130! This is a pure unsaturated fatty acid food item: Heart  healthy and increases LDL blood levels!

– one full- fat cup of milk: total calories: 150, cal from fat: 40. The main calories come from lactose (milk sugar). Plus it has saturated fatty acids, which is harmful for our health. Always choose the low -fat option!

2 digestive biscuits: Total calories: 150 cal. It has 9.4 g of carbs, of which 2.5 g of sugar. It contains 3.3 g of fat mainly from the butter! So this is a saturated fatty acid source!

So these are a few examples I wanted to share with you! If you have any more option or questions regarding that subject, please lemme know :)

At the end, it is important to check the sources of the calories we are taking in!  A varied and healthy mix of different sources are needed! Just stay away from sugar and saturated fat! ;)


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