Breakfast  is one of  the 3 important meals we should never skip!” You’ve been hearing this sentence a lot! Aren’t you??

But after Ramadan long fasting hours, Our body got used not to have its early morning fuel.. Our food and sleep timings,  are no more organized.. 

You all know so far that when skipping the day meals and getting one late meal, the metabolism wil shut down, our lifestyle will turn out to be unhealthy…. Fat will be easily stored, and weight will increase.

So it’s time to get back to the old good habits! Get your sleep schedule back and never skip breakfast!

Why? Here is a quick reminder 🙂


If you have this habit of skipping breakfast, then here are 3 important reasons why you should not!

When spending more than 8 hours sleeping and without food, you need some energy to break this fast! Eating in the morning is a necessity, it simply provides you with this energy.

That’s why it is called  Break/ fast!


Reason 1: Getting  all the essential vitamins your body needs!

There are some kinds of food that can’t be taken in big quantities except on breakfast, like milk,cheese, cereals enriched with iron, eggs and fruits! So when choosing a healthy breakfast, you body is taking in all the needed vitamins and minerals. You will end up having stronger bones health, healthier skin and hair, and stronger immunity!

Reason 2: Boosting  your metabolism and helping  you lose weight!

You’ve spent  the whole night without food and your blood sugar level went surely down (that has nothing to do with diabetes)! You body needs now fuel to keep  running. Exactly like  a car, it needs fuel to keep on working! To make sure your metabolism keeps on going, you need to have something within 2 hours of waking up. That will make your body burn more calories throughout the day and so it helps in the weight loss process! People who skip breakfast thinking that they will lose weight, tend to eat more during lunch or even choose unhealthier options later on!

Reason 3: Increasing your performance!

When you skip breakfast, the brain get blocked! Parents and kids will start forgetting things, will lose the ability to focus and will have more difficulty maintaining concentration. This will affect your performance at work or your child’s performance at school and their attention as well. Everyone get irritable when blood sugars have dropped too low.

The healthy Breakfast!

When talking about the healthy breakfast, That means you need to focus on high fiber cereals  (muesli or bran flakes), multi-cereal bread or toasts, low-fat milk and dairy products, white cheese (less in saturated fat than the yellow cheese), boiled eggs, whole fruits (not juices) as well as natural honey!

One important note!!!

Never start your day with a dessert!! It causes a loss in your blood sugar 2 hours after and you will end up eating more for the rest of the day!!! It also increases your cravings for sugar for the rest of the day! 

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