Coffee is a part of our everyday life! Some people prefer to have it black, others with milk or coffee mate.

I was used to have my morning french coffee on a daily basis, then stopped it for a while coz I became addicted to it! :s

Last nigth I ordred it in a coffee shop and thought of talking a bit about it here.

Unlike Turkish coffee or espresso, french coffee comes in different flavors , and has calories!

The ingredients vary from one place to another but usually the standart ingredients are:

Granulated Sugar
Heavy Cream
Strong Coffee
French Vanilla

French coffee is lower in caffeine content, because usually darker roasts have higher percentage levels of caffeine.

Al- rifai has  delicious blend of 100% top quality grounded coffee beans with 6 different flavors.

Cinnamon, Hazelnut, French Café, Strawberry, Coconut and Chocomint!

The hazelnut flavor is soo addictive! Try it! :)

1 coffee cup contain in average:

 1.5 g of total fat and  1.1 g of saturated fat

 55 calories! And you can add sweetener to it if you like it more sweet ;)

Note that you need you be careful about how you choose your coffee!

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