Happy Palm Sunday!  Sha3ninei Mbarakei And Happy Easter for all christians! :)

Easter is a time of family gatherings, celebrations and really yummy foods!

However, the non- stop offering of Easter eggs, chocolate, maamoul, liquor and sugary almonds can turn your Easter into a high fat festival! :D

Eggs in moderation are fine. They are rich sources of proteins, vitamin A, and lutein. One egg has around 75 calories and 200 mg of cholesterol, which is almost 2/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowance (300mg).

Enjoy the tradition of trapping boiled eggs, and have them in moderation.

3 eggs per week are fine and healthy.

Now concerning the traditional and delicious meals, you should reduce the fat and salt content by using herbs and spices, and by adopting healthy ways of cooking.

Key methods:  little oil when cooking, little oil on your salads instead of the creamy dressings, boiled rice instead of  adding margarine, using a spray oil to fry ot to cook, instead of the fatty oil.

Spray oils are found in supermarkets. Spray oils have zero cholesterol, zero fat, zero calories and for the same taste!!


When it comes to lunch, keep the appetizers light.

You can have hommos bel tahineh or mutabbal ( with lettuce or cabbage instead of the bread)  and a green salad with very little oil and more lemon. Food woth good water content will fill you up and reduce your food cravings..

Eating a healthy main dish depends on your food selection. But you can choose colorful  vegetables to be served with the main meals such as broccoli, carrot, zucchini and beans, instead of corn or potatoes.

Some dishes require rice of course, so my advice is to choose a small plate: You ‘ll end up having a smaller portion without feeling that!

Go easy on the candies and choose light desserts. A good selection can vary from dark chocolate, to jelly, custard ( with low- fat milk), pudding ( with low-fat milk), cheese cake ( with low- fat cheese and light digestive  biscuits).

If you are into arabic sweets, You can buy low- fat maamoul coz they are less in saturated fat and butter ( the bad fat)

You can still enjoy the good maamoul prepared at home. having one maamoul a day is not  big deal.  It is Easter at the end!

Date maamoul are the least fatty ones, they are not topped with sugar. Dates are naturally sugar in taste and healthy!


Happy Easter! And Happy holidays! :)

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