As you know by now, juices are loaded with calories, sugar and are FIBER FREE!

Let’s take as an example the Cherry juice from KDD, a Kuwaiti brand of juices.

Cherries are very rich in vitamins and antioxidants (essential to fight against all kinds of diseases especially types of cancer). Cherry juice is more concentrated in this fruit which is well pressed and so is poor in all the essential fiber!

Daily fiber intake can also prevent many health cases like chronic constipation and bloating. It has also the ability to lower high blood sugar and high cholesterol level.


KDD Cherry juice is made of:


Water, cherry concentrate, added sugar, citric acid and ascorbic acid.


So as you can see it has added sugar so it is not advisable for diabetic people who should eat whole fruits instead!

Talking about the calories, you always have to see the calories per serving size.

KDD Cherry juice has 54 calories per 100 ml serving size.

The whole bottle is 250 ml which lead to 135 calories! That make 45 cherries if consumed fresh! Wooww imagine!!

Personally I find that 135 calories is  “too much” for a drink that is not really healthy but loaded with sugar!

You can go for the frozen lemonade with mint which is surely a better and healthier option! 😉

Check out the KDD Pineapple juice!

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