You’ve been wondering what can be the best solutions to decrease your appetite?? And I’m sure you tried a lot of diet pills that might have worked for a couple days, not to mention the many side effects behind those pills!

But these advantages should be weighed against the possible dangers!!

Who doesn’t like to eat?? We all do!! 😉

Personally I love food! And I can say I have a big control over my appetite. I have tried over the years a few successful means of suppressing my appetite, without the aid of any diet pill! It worked for me and it should work for you as well 😉

1- Tea and camomile: Tea and camomile are the best appetite suppressants that worked for me!  Usually I try not to eat anything after my dinner which is usually between 8 and 9. So a better alternative to foods is camomile at night! I keep tea (white and green) for the afternoon  because of the caffeine content which won’t help me to sleep at night. I sweeten it with a few packets of Splenda or tropicana.

The best thing about hot tea is that it works well with almost every diet, and has no calories.

2- Water: Water is a great natural appetite suppressant! My all time advice for everyone is to drink 2 glasses of meals before each meal, especially in the morning before having breakfast. Well this usually what I do everyday. It decreases my appetite before each meal. Your Body don’t ask for water unless you are completely dehydrated. So people always mix up between being thirsty or hungry. Try that tip, it works!

3- Working out: For some people exercise is  just a way to burn calories and eventually lose weight. But when you workout, your body releases natural endorphins that suppress you appetite while exercising.  I usually workout in the morning before going to work. This is the best time to exercise by the way because it burns directly the fat… And now I started to run once a week as a plus for about 2 hours before my dinner.

4- Proteins: Protein takes longer to digest and does not affect your blood sugar in the way that carbohydrates do. I am not telling you to shift to a protein diet, you can have a pure protein breakfast for example if you have a long day and you wanna feel full. 

Personally whenever I have a long day, I try to take for breakfast some cheese and lettuce, boiled eggs with vegetables, with a cup of skim milk. The protein will keep me satisfied  longer.

5- Vegetables: I always tell my clients to eat their salads before their main meals, not within or after. Why? If you eat a salad with a low fat dressing at the start of very meal you will become full faster. It  keeps you from eating as many calories at a meal as you normally would. It is low in fat, high in fiber (which gives you the satiety feeling). Chew well your food.  Sometimes the simple motion of chewing can trick your brain into feeling full.

6- Coffee: Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant as well as a diuretic. Hot or cold, coffee is a great way to curb your appetite in the morning or afternoon. But be careful not to add cream to it! Just have it black!

7- Popcorn: Unlike most of people think, popcorn is a very healthy snack! It is very Rich in fiber which keeps you feel full longer. If you have ever notice, it makes you feel bloated but that’s just due to its high fiber content. So whenever you feel a bit hungry, a cup of fat-free popped popcorn can be the solution!

7 ways to increase your metabolism and curb your appetite! 😀


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